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I am going to rant to you guys for a little bit.

In September of 2010, we moved to another house about a mile apart from each other. We originally had Dish Network, but decided since we had, at the time, Qwest internet, we’d bundle with them and get DirecTV. Well, DirecTV said they couldn’t get any satellite connection because of all the trees we got surrounding us, and said we couldn’t get any satellite connection, not even Dish. So, believing them, we turned to the only other alternative….Mediacom Cable.

We had Mediacom a couple of times before this, so we didn’t find this to be a big deal, and we’d keep the same internet and phone through Qwest. For the first year of living here, everything was fine. Good TV reception, good phone and internet. Then Qwest got bought by Century Link, and the rate went up a little and my grandpa decided he just wanted to bundle with Mediacom…no big deal right?


I made sure we signed up for a good internet, and we’re supposed to get “up to 20mbps.” For the first year of having internet, everything seemed fine. It didn’t go out all of the time, but it went out more then I’ve ever seen internet go out, which didn’t bother me, but when the internet went out the phone also went out, and my grandpa needs the phone to be connected for his LifeAlert system, and that’s the only way he can connect to his daughters. 

So, after a year, we get a bill in the mail, and instead of being 100 something a month, it’s now $210. We called them, they explained our promotional contract is up for the two years, and to receive a better rate, we’d have to sign a new contract.

This was earlier this year. Our rate still want up to $180/mo.

My grandpa thought this was good, and agreed to everything. Apparently we pushed some magic button. 

Ever since he did that, the internet has gone out multiple times. And not for a couple minutes, for hours on end. One of the times, I was out of town. No one could get a hold of my grandpa, and thank God a friend of mine came over to check on him. It went out for two days straight. No phone or internet. That’s ridiculous. 

We called them, they said “We’ll send a rep out.” He came out, did something, and said it was fixed.

About a week goes by, everything seems fine. Then it goes out again, this time for about 5 hours. We call again, another guy comes out. He then sees something the other guy didn’t. Our cables are old and needed repair. He fixed it, and you could tell the difference in service. The internet quit going out…however…

The cable started going out! Constantly! Not to mention, the HDMI port on my DVR quit producing sound, and I asked countless times for a new box. Nothing.

I remember with Dish, when a box went out, they replaced it, no problem.

One night, I came home around midnight, went to watch TV, and I had no signal, on every channel. I thought, “okay, maybe it’s temporary.” I walk into my grandpa’s room, he’s enjoying his TV shows and all that fun, on the same kind of box, only difference was, his wasn’t a DVR. 

He called a tech guy while I was at school, and I came home, and everything seemed to be fixed. The sound was even back on my TV, instead of my sound bar. I was amazed! Then I realized something, he didn’t replace my box, at all. It was the same box. My HDMI cords were laying on the floor. He unhooked them, and plugged it into component. I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but HDMI is the truest HD, component is good, but I want true HD, you know? 

So I hooked it back up the way it was before. Still no sound, but my TV was back, I could roll with it for a bit. Then I noticed my brand new cable splitter was missing and replaced with an old, cheap one from Mediacom. This sent me over the edge. 

I called in again, and the rep told me he’d send out the tech guy again.

I said, enough is enough.

I remember DirecTV telling us we couldn’t get any satellite over here, but I wanted to make sure.

I called Dish. They set up a package deal for me which was internet, phone, and a Hopper TV system for only $100/mo for a year, then it goes to $141/mo after that one year. Which is still lower then what we pay for Mediacom. 

But the question remained…could we even get satellite service with our trees?

They came out, put up a dish with no problem. Got perfect picture, true HD, and the hopper system is amazing. 

For now, we still have Mediacom internet until we get our other internet and phone.

My question is, though, we will be obligated to pay an ETF even though Mediacom didn’t ever stick up with their end of the bargain? We were paying for services that constantly went out, and wasn’t even true HD. 

I will update you guys once we call Mediacom this week.

Feel free to input anything.

Much love. <3

I just ran by this post, and would like to update everyone. 

We still have DISH, but their little rate went up to about the same price as Mediacom when we left. However, the service has been flawless up until this last week.

The leaves grew in on the tree and the signal is going out all of the time on TV. So, I called em up and they even waived the $145 fee for a technician to come and move the DISH satellite to a better location. Will keep you updated!

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How I Really Feel

I may be the last person you expected to be here.

But all I can say is sometimes life just ain’t fair.

Don’t expect me to give into you.

Playing with my heart, that isn’t new.

Don’t get mad when I’m no longer here.

And don’t believe in all the rumors that you’ll hear.

I’m sorry if I happened to mislead you.

I’m not giving in like those other guys do.

I’m no easy target in an alley at night.

Your intentions may be clear but I’m prepared to fight.

This isn’t my first time going around the block.

Watch as I talk the talk and walk the walk.

I’m not the picture perfect guy.

When you insult me, at least look me in the eye.

I will always be here, right by your side.

Even when you ignore me for that other guy.

I guess it’s something I don’t understand.

How he can be there and say he is a man.

He’s doing nothing but treating you like shit.

I guess your mommy was right when she said he’s unfit.

And you, you know who you are.

How can you trust someone who is that far?

You can’t date me because I’m not a fucking puppet.

I’m sorry I can’t be your personal Muppet.

I love you, I’ve made that pretty clear.

Don’t tell me to go away out of petty fear.

You’d have nothing to lose with me.

I’ve got a million people who’d fucking agree.

I don’t know what else I can do.

I’ve given you the stars and the moon.

I guess I’ll go back and perfect my craft.

Then come back like I’m using witchcraft.

I’m sorry if I’ve offended any people.

Let me go and pray for forgiveness inside the steeple.

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I will never be the cute boy you want to sit next to you in class.

I’m the boy that walks into class and every one hopes I won’t sit next to them.

I’m the boy that gets the glares and when I finally sit down, in the back of the classroom, everyone is relieved that it’s not by them.

I’m the boy that you call your best friend.

I’m the boy that’s been hopelessly in love with you for years, and can barely get the time of day from you.

I’m the boy who would travel across the world for you, while you sit in the back seat cuddling with a guy who only cares about one thing.

I’m the boy who would pick you up after you drank too much because of a fight with the guy who tried to get the one thing.

I’m the boy who would let you cry on my shoulder because you are scared about the direction life is taking you.

I’m the boy who would try and give you everything you’ve ever wanted.

I’m the boy that smiles when he sees your name.

I’m the boy who you belong with.

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Stoplight: A Short Story

Sitting there silently, watching the cars go by in a constant motion, one after another. A mixture of reds, yellows, and blues blur right in front of me, making me wonder where they are going. I notice a little boy in one of the cars. He was holding an ice cream cone very intently, trying his hardest to make sure he doesn’t make a mess so he won’t make his mother mad. 

I also notice the smell of the air coming into my half-way rolled down window. It mixes with the smell of my cigarette smoke. Rain is coming, I can smell the water in the air. I watch the ash burn on my cigarette, slowly reaching the bottom. I take one last puff, and blow the smoke out into a nice bubble, but it disappears as soon as it hits the cold air. I dropped my cigarette out the window, and rolled it up.

I hear a familiar beat silently in the background. I turn up the radio to hear what it is. I recognize the song and start singing along. I see my reflection in the mirror and notice how my face crinkles when I move my mouth. This makes me smile. Usually I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror, but for some reason, this made me smile. For just a small bit of time, I was happy with the reflection I saw in the mirror.

Then I heard a honk, and decided to move along. The light had turned green.

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Coming Soon:

A short story I am currently writing. I mean short story as in, it’s gonna fit into one post.

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More Then Friends

If I could go

Back in time

And change how we met

I would make sure

That I brought flowers

In a romantic set

I’m may not be

The best guy for you

But I’m better then most

If you were

To choose me

I would always hold you close

Now we have known

Each other for awhile now

Don’t you think it’s time

That maybe we could

Just talk about it

Let’s cross that line

That line that says

We are only friends

It gets on my fucking nerves

Let’s just claim

The love that we both

Know we damn well deserve

Let’s get

This right, dear

I’ve always loved you

I’ve always been there

I’ve been around

Always saw you through

I’m so sorry

You’ve been hurt

Let your scars show

I’ve got some

Wanna see mine?

The wounds go so low

So low 

Into my skin

So hard to smile

So take my hand

Be more then friends

I’ll make it last your while

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Tonight, lying here

Thinking about, the past.

Tonight, its ending dear

We must get up, at last.

I can’t say, I’m happy or sad

You’re leaving, tomorrow.

I’m not saying, that it’s bad

But for now I’ll hide, my sorrow.

You’re about to make life, better

By moving on, out of this place.

I promise to write, you letters

As long as I’ll see your pretty face, again.

Tonight, is ending soon

You better get going.

My mind feels like a typhoon

The memories are just flowing.

I can’t remember, the last time

I cried this hard.

Just remember, you’re always mine

I’ll never, ever break your heart.

Don’t forget your sweater, love

It’s cold out tonight.

You’re just as beautiful, as the stars up above

Your eyes shine just as bright.

Tonight, is over

I’ll cry one last tear.

You look at me, for one last smile


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The Day I Met You (Because Of You)

I want you to feel the pain you’ve put me through.

I want you to feel the hurt I’ve endured.

I’m not sure what I saw in you that was good.

But somehow I was lured. 

I haven’t been the same since the day I met you

I haven’t been me in a long, long time

I’ve been so angry, I’ve been so mad

You knocked me down halfway up the climb

And now as I stand here

My heart is all black and blue

And it’s because of you, because of you

I don’t miss the drama

I don’t even miss you

I miss the karma

Because dear, someday it will catch up with you

I haven’t been the same since the day I met you

I haven’t been me in a long, long time

I’ve been so angry, I’ve been so mad

You knocked me down halfway up the climb

And now as I stand here

My heart is all black and blue

And it’s because of you, because of you

Now here I am, stuck in the cold

No where to go, no one to hold

How could you leave me, stuck in the cold

I haven’t been the same since the day I met you

I haven’t been me in a long, long time

I’ve been so angry, I’ve been so mad

You knocked me down halfway up the climb

And now as I stand here

My heart is all black and blue

And it’s because of you, because of you

Because of you.

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I tried writing you a letter
Turns out a poem is better
To express how I feel
Through it might not be a big deal
Because of you I love the color pink
Time-to-time I tend to over-think
How I want to hold your hand
And how I want to play footsies in the sand
I have known you for awhile now
And I still can’t believe how
Nervous I get when you walk up next to me
Makes me wonder how you don’t see me
I know I’m not your first choice
But I love the sound of your voice
I love the sound of you talking
And the feel of your hand while we’re walking
Just know that I would never cheat
I would always pull out your seat
And every night I would tweet
How much of my life you complete

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The Old Me

Freshman year, they wanted a change.

Sophmore year, all they did was blame.

Junior year, they all left me.

Senior year, I was damn near perfection.

The drama stopped, they were happy.

I stopped being heartless, now that can’t happen.

They want the old me back, the me that fought rough.

They want the old me back, the me that acted tough.

They want the old me back, the me who ignited the flames.

They want the old me back, the me who played the games.

I like the me I have became.

I’m a lot more quiet, there is no shame. 

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